Below is the first in a series of short blogs written by the people Bridges supports.  Hannah Neudeck is a young woman receiving Therapy Services at Bridges.  Here, she tells us about her Therapist Stacey and her direct care staff Melody, the activities they do and her other daily activities.  Bridges is a home and community based provider of services to people with disabilities in six states:  Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.  Bridges Autism Therapies serves children with Autism in Lafayette and Evansville, Indiana.  For more information about our services, find us at or USBridges on Facebook and Twitter.  Follow us on Instagram at us_bridges or simply call (317) 645-8655 for more information.



My name is Hannah Neudeck.  I work with Bridges of Indiana.  When I’m with Behavior Therapist Stacey Bex we usually have fun at Coffee Grounds or at Starbucks.  We talk about my actions and behavior.

She looks like Alice (Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass) and the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass) at home with her kid and husband.

Then I go see Melody afterwards.  We go walk in the park or at the YMCA for a mile.  Then do fun stuff, but after it all I have a fun time.

But, my conclusion is, I have fun with both Melody and Stacey.  They are like Angels in disguise.  Then I go home and watch Ghost Whisperers.

A blog done by none other, Hannah Neudeck.  Hope you like it.

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